November 22, 2001


Okay, I found the Even tour dates..AHH! Man I'm so thankful that girl e-mailed me or I'd never know about all this stuff I think. I kept looking at the old five one inc site so I didn't see all the updates and crap and the TOUR DATES and DOODA EVEN I must see him! The coolest thing is that next Thursday he'll be on WFMU and I can listen to the performance on the radio and record it on a tape, so yay, that'll be good!

..*huff huff*, it's nearly 3 AM, I should be more tired. . . .
....GARG CRAPPIT NO THAT IS THE MOST UNFAIR THING....the show is 18 and up. I'm only 16! NOnononONO...*sigh*...well, at least now I know I REALLY can't go. Sigh. NO this...argh! This isn't how it's supposed to go! Hm...maybe I can make Diana go, she's 18!!!!...whoa. See, now I'm crazy and disappointed! IT'S ONLY 10 BUCKS! And the Album Leaf is playing too! I mean I've only heard a few of their songs, but they opened for Sigur Ros during their tour and ..wait, I think it's one dude. Well, live I guess it's more, but anyway, that music is good too. Nononononononononononono....this is so unfair! Some other shows are 16 and up. I WAS SO CLOSE!

...all the whining won't do anything, sigh. Hm. I'm just curious why some shows have different age cut offs. I mean I coudl understand if they were all the same, but they're not. Maybe I shoudl ask..I'll send an angry e-mail. Or sad e-mail. Well, I'm more sad than angry, I feel like I'm going to cry. Well, I think there will be a webcast that I can watch,'s not the same. Duh. Ten dollars...sorry, all this stuff in my head, it's really no good. I was in a good mood up until now! Well. I'm's a weird mix. I should be happy that I can hear Even on the radio! But. MOOOAGAGHHASRHGHGDSAfhdhasf

But anyway. I want everyone to love Even. You must! I don't know how to describe it, but here are some very good..descriptions:

"Everyone has one of those favorite albums that immediately resets their mental state to one of quiet and appreciation for all the good things in life. You know the kind - after a long day of inept people telling you to do stupid things, you can come home and grab your favorite liquid relaxant, slide in the CD, and the day just melts away with delicate, lovely, haunting music. This is that album." 3WK

"The album is a resplendent oasis, catatonic in the most stunning of ways, and like all such phenomena, there is something both uplifting and sorrowful about it, as if the music is both ephemeral and timeless."

Those are perfect, I gotta stop this. I'm starting to sound obsessed. Well, I have spent a good part of my night trying to figure out how to play "Private Jinx", hm...*sniff* I'm sad again. Today I had stumbled upon a website with a very good Libido discography, and on eBay I found a single for "Overthrown" which is pretty cheap, so maybe I'll buy that.

I'm not obsessed, alright?

Okay...calm down robyn...i'm gettin there...I'll take a sleeep....wake up...and still be kind of poopy but not as bad as I was a while ago.


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