November 09, 2001

Harps are fun. Hooray for harps! What am I talking about? Well my mum has had this lap folk harp thing for a few years and never really bothered to tune it, so I tuned it (not fun) and I attempted to play it..more fun. I dunno what the technique to playing a harp is, but as long as it sounds nice, then I don't care. :D I can play one song. Hm. I found a book of easy Christmas songs for the piano and used that. I love Christmas songs, aren't they GREAT?!

Yup. My mum also has another harp, but you can't really play songs on it. It's called an Angel Harp I think, and it's pretty sounds really cool, but it's not really meant as a musical instrument as much as a theraputic thing. You can play anything and it'll sound good, pretty much.

Ah ha. Well today I saw Monsters Inc for the second time. Really cute! I don't need to see it again though...two is enough, yeah? :)

I ate French food for lunch. SNAAAILS! ESSSCARGOO...tasty fun. And for dinner my mum and I went to the new Japanese restaurant in town. There are so many Japanese restaurants now, it's a bit strange. When I was 5 years old, my friend's family opened a Japanese take out, so that was about 11 years ago. It was only one of maybe three Japanese restaurants in my area but now there are...a lot more? They're like Chinese take outs, in that they all pretty much offer the same stuff, but I personally like Japanese food more. It's not as greeeasy. And I like eel. UNA DON, I get that every time. The restaurant was very nice because today was the first day it was open. They gave free desserts, a pair of chopsticks (I mean nice ones at the end of the meal, not the disposable wooden ones) to each customer and 10% off the bill. :) I had green tea ice cream. I'll generally eat anything *bitter* if it's it's not really bitter anymore, but you know what I mean.

Oo, I got an e-mail about an IQ test I must have taken 4 or 5 years ago...166? Okay, well I know that's wrong...since then my IQ has reduced drastically, HAHAHAHA...wait, that's pretty sad. Mmmmwell, what can yeh dooo...maybe I should take another one.

Today when I was at Palisades Center, I went to Restoration Hardware with my mum to see if they had that record player I wanted, and they did! I didn't buy it yet...I mean, that's my Christmas present, and it is a bit early. So I'm getting it next week. OKAY not much of a difference there, but oh well. I hope it works well, it's $130. Next Friday my mum and I are going back to see Harry Potter. At the theater they had all these notic=es about reserving tickets for the movie, and if they're all sold out next week I'll get REALLY pissed, so they better not be. Anyway, I was talking about Restoration's the coolest store! In my opinion. I've never been there before cos from the outside to me it looked like they sold bedsheets and knobs for drawers (which they do) but they have lots of neat stuff. It's like everything in there is made old fashioned in the way that it's better quality than stuff you find in stores today. I saw a penguin sharpener and it was really heavy duty stuff man, like bulletproof. Yeesh! I just buy mechanical pencils. They also had CDs that came in nice little tin containers, oo. But I have no money right now...*oops*...

Oo, about money. My mum has lowered my allowance to $20. $20!? Okay, My allowance for the past few years has been $25, and I know that's a lot. It is really, considering I don't do much. I mean, I don't consider the stuff I do chores, like getting the mail, taking out the garbage every now and then, doing my laundry, cleaning the table, it's just stuff I do considering my mum and I are usually the only people at home. But I always though $25 was a lot. And I always find myself spending my moolah awfully quickly so my mum and I decided just to lower the amount for a while and see how I hold up. I guess it won't make much of a difference. All the little things like CDs and magazines really add up. Well, CDs aren't that cheap I guess. So just magazines. Actually, those add up too. I have no money this week already because I bought Rockin On. GOOGLY!

Ah well, I'm not too big on money issues. I'm not good at managing money, not one bit. I'd like to save up a FEW bucks though, because next next Friday (the day after Thanksgiving?) I'm planning to go to NY and walk around Manhattan with Diana. My mum doesn't feel she has much reason to go with me, and neither do I, so I guess I'll go alone. And most likely, contrary to what Christina would say, I will NOT be mugged. Really! You can't fear for your life every time you go to NYC or else you wouldn't have any fun.

And I sure do know how to have fun...*haha*...


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