November 28, 2001

Get all the women you want easily!

Gee, really? I think my inbox is brimming with a wonderful world of knowledge where I can get all the women I want! WOOOOOWIE! Seeing that I "want" none, I guess it won't be too hard.

Anyway. My checkbook magically appeared. After the cleaning lady cleaned my rooom. It must have been ina pile o junk somewhere, oo.

Watchin the telly...Rockefeller tree lighting. Two Libido songs are being downloaded off of me, so I can't really check my e-mail. I can afford to share those songs I . :) Not much happened today to talk about though. Er...well, I was more tired than usual. How, I dunno. I was yawning so much it almost hurt. Can you yawn violently? Maybe if you just open your mouth really wide...*YAAAAAWWWN* that, yeah? :)

I just realized how weird this tree lighting ceremony is. I mean today it was in the 50s, it doesn't even feel like winter, forget Christmas. But there are trees and stuffff....when will it snow? I want giant 4 feet snowdrifts like out that how much snow is out there? I would love that.

I took a nap when I got home. Wee! 3 hours. I had a weird dream but I forgot what it was, of course. I forgot what it was about immediately when I woke up, but I remembered it being weird. Great, no? OO TOM CAVANAUGH...I probably spelled that wrong, but anyway. It's Ed on the telly! He always looks so happy. Okay, that was fast, he didn't say much...AHH SANTA! RADIO CITY CHRISTMAS SHOW! Eeeek! I swear, that is the strangest show. Or just weird. I guess it's kind of an old show and they haven't changed it in any way, which is good, but its scary with all those SANTAS and stuff. Ahh, that Santa is dancing..make it stop!

Christmas is such a weird holiday. I just like the decorations, really. Just like when in Taiwan there would be lots of decorations for the new year...and food. I mean it wasn't about buying presents and stuff cos you just gave people money anyway, and then as far as i know there weren't tons of TV specials and stuff like that. I liked eating FOOD...and getting out of school. Another plus of Christmas. Actually, maybe I should be more politically correct...the winter holiday. Ye...ah.


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