November 19, 2001

GARG I don't want any "personal notes" from MISS CLEO! JUST LEAVE ME ALOOOONE!...

...I'm fine...yesss. Just this junk mail is so annoying.

Well today was just a typical day at school. Nothing notable happened....mmmhmhmhm...nope! I ate a falafel wrap. I'm really full now. I'm full of falafel-ee goodness. Eh.

2 more days of school. I just have to keep tellin myself that...

Oo, I remembered something! I discovered part of the last episode of Freak and Geeks on a video I had, and I was watching it..and that show was so great! I can't believe it can cancelled, ARGH! All the characters on the show were so funny and cute (although I liked BIll the most, who's with me?) and NBC sucks! It's a lot better than Undeclared (which is bu the same creator I think?) although that show is funny too...but it's not the same. Well, duh. Anyway. It's sad. Sniff. Funny show.


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