November 25, 2001

From here:

01. I hurt: when I get stabbed, and you know how much THAT happens
02. I love: to not have school
03. I hate: school
04. I cry: when my head explodes
05. I fear: that someone is hiding in the kitchen with a steak knife ready to kill my family!
06. I hope: that no one I haven't seen in concert yet will die anytime soon...and what the hey, the ones I've seen already, I hope they don't die either
07. I sadden: when I cry (look at number 4)
08. I feel alone: most of the time
09. I kill: when my head explodes...wait no, that's crying. Well I dunno!
10. I talk: too loud...i drink too fast...i aim too high and dig too deep...i burn too bright...guess what song that's from
11. I listen: sometimes, but a lot of times...I don'
12. I break: stuff
13. I see: stuff, but my eyes ain't too great
14. I smell: weird. I should wash meself.
15. I taste: funny. actually, I dunno. I haven't eaten parts of my arm for a while.
16. I work: badly with others
17. I remember: ...actually, I don't, that's the problem
18. I hold: grudges against everyone for stuff that's not their fault
19. I hide: everything
20. I pray: if I have to
21. I walk: fast staring at my feet half the time, unless there are a million dumb classmates in front of me, in which I smoosh my way through them
22. I drive: to nowhere
23. I read: stuff in hope of making myself smarter but that hasn't been working for me lately
24. I burn: my tongue more than I should
25. I breathe: funny if I have asthma
26. I play: guitar when I'm bored
27. I miss: lots of stuff
28. I touch: the keyboard when I'm typing
29. I learn: if I feel like it
30. I feel: funny most of the time
31. I know: that many things in life are unnattainable
32. I said: "I like this tofurkey"
33. I dream: about unnattainable things (look at number 31)
34. I have: to stop being poopy
35. I want: to be able to do whatever I want
36. I fall: when I trip
37. I wait: right now
38. I need: vocal chords
39. I live: in a house

I hooked up the nice speakers and subwoofer. Woofywoof. The ground is vibrating to "Bullet To Your Heart" (ah, that sounds like a fine and dandy title for a song, eh?) and I'm looosssiin consciousnesssssssssssssfooofoaoorfldfadf

I turned off my computer at 11 PM and said that I wouldn't go on the Internet for the rest of the night, but I did. Grr.


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