November 26, 2001 I hate school or what? Who hates school more than I dooo? I dunno.

ARGH I can't escape spam on ICQ...I've been getting lots of crap messages about viagra lately. Well Viagra wouldn't help me much, OKAY?

Oh yeah, what was I talkin Is it the most terrible thing on the face of the earth? No. But today I felt like everyone in the school was completely moronic and I was the only sane one. Isn't that so cliche, I mean how many of you have felt that way? Lots of ye probably. FIrst of all, I've probably talked about this before, how in gym class we're using scooters to play hockey...uh, yeah, so anyway for some reason that I cannot comprehend, everyone but me took a squeaky scooter that doesn't work well. The ones with handles don't work well, and it's pretty easy to tell because they sqeak horribly during the game. But why doesn't anyone see this? I can see people struggling to make their scooters moves and it's one of the most completely idiotic things I've ever witnessed in my life. I wanted to shout "ARE YOU ALL MORONS?" to the class...well, at least half of em, but of course I kept to my quiet ol self while everyone scooted around. I really suck at the game though, so I'm kind of dumb too. These is this one guy on my team though who for whatever reason doesn't understand how to center his weight on the scooter so he doesn't fall off EVERY game. I've never been near falling off. Of course, I don't play with the same vicious passion ("GIMME THE FOOKIN BALL!") so that could be why.

Man, you just know my life is pathetic the way things are going, eh? Well every Monday in special ed, the students say three highlights of their weekend and my attention span is like...nothing really. And I know these kids are mentally challenged and all, but I felt like killing myself, sitting there are listening to these kids talk. Could be a case of the Mondays, especially after a holiday, but hoooly crap, SAY SOMETHING! It wasn't the case for everyone of course, but...yeah. And I found myself getting disgusted by the amount of food everyone ate. Personally I don't think I ate much more on Thanksgiving than I would have on a normal day, I just ate different food. Yeah, I don't eat TOFURKEY every day, alright? So I guess most people eat turkey, pie, potatoes, blah blah blah blah and other stuff? I guess that makes sense, but I guess I think differently than I did last year...and all the years before. Americans are just gorging themselves, it's scary. I do too I guess...I'm not exception, but I think I heard that over the holiday the average american will gain 8-10 pounds. I'm not gaining that much, OKEE? I mean it...I'm not...

Okay, so I've only gotten through two periods of school so far. So think of it being about 9:10 AM now. OFF TO PHYSICS, WOOHA...jesus christ. I dunno how I live through 2 periods of physics every day. Well, to sum up the two periods, I failed two quizzes (I think most of the class was confused on the first quiz, but the second one I just did totally wrong) and took notes in a zombie-like state while picking dead skin cells off my fingers. I pretty much do the same thing during history too. The joys of high school!

For lunch I ate a piece of chocolate cake that Aliza gave me. That was nice. I'll be all fat, but who cares...woo. I felt a bit sick after eating it, but what the hey, I ate an apple this morning. I dunno what that has to do with anything.

Ooee, Vespertine is being sold at columbiahouse now...too bad I already have it. Hm...

Oh kaay...uh..pre calc was bearable. Technically, it always is. The environment of the class is very unstressful, really. The teacher graded my quiz wrong, but he didn't take off for it after I told him. I like it when teachers are nice like that...I really don't care either way. I know my physics teacher wouldn't ever do that, but he probably wouldn't make a mistake either. Hm.

Russian was bearable too. I must have gotten some credit for participation. I think I said, "I was at home and went to NY" in Russian, but I dunno. The teacher asked what we did this weekend. Ya doma ee na New Yorkyea"...that's probably wrong, but foop.

English was...English. Nuttin special there. We have projects to do least I got to pick a partner. Christina and I are going to do a presentation on the stock market crash..err...YAY. We PICKED that topic too, I hope it's easy. I mean we had a whole list and it seemed like one of the easier ones...

Okay, that was my day, WOOHOO DAA DEEDADEE now I can look forward to tomorrow. I got some stuff in the mail which is nice. I got my Little Nemo's cute, the dialogue is weird in my opinion but the pictures are nice and I just like the whole idea of SLUMBERLAND, I mean doesn't it sound so perfect and niiice and ZzZZzzzz...oh..uh. Where am I. I got Culture Jam and No Logo...BOY that'll be a fun read. More stuff to make me believe the world is going to the pits and I could some how prevent that, HAHAHA I LAUGH oh god.


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