November 08, 2001

Anthony gave me a penguin! Well, more like another penguin. Hehehahaheahae, cool. So that was nice. I have a nice family of stuffed animal penguins now. Awww.

Well then. Not much else going on. I was heating up a burrito and it exploded. Beans...everwhere. Somewhat. There was some brown goo coming out. But it tasted pretty yummy...yay!

For some reason, my brother subscribes to a ton of those men's Maxim, Stuff, FHM. I read one of them, and it was pretty funny and interesting. If all the stuff about dating and sex and pictures of half naked women were taken'd be better. Well, someone of the MALE gender may not think so. The magazines kind of remind me of all those teeny bopper magazines, with all the dumb dating advice and stuff, although the writing style in a men's magazine is definitely different, and the perspective is different. But the idea is the same, right? Splash pictures of beautiful young people on every other page...ifi that effective? Mmwell. They're all good for a laugh. :)

I want another burrito...why am I hungry so much? There isn't really any more food to eat in the house, except for...dumplings? Foog!


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