November 15, 2001 what am I doing tonite? Not the usual sitting around and eating fruit! I'm going to see the midnite showing of Harry Potter! Do I need to? Well my mum suggested it. So I'll be getting less than 3 hours of sleep I guess, since the movie is somewhat long and its at Palisades...but hey, this is Harry Potter! I'm sure it'll make me haaaappyy! And couldn't we all use a bit o happiness? Yes.

Ooee...Bjorkee's bday on the 21st!

Mmmhm. Well what happened in school....scooter hockey, still a pain in the butt. Physics was actually okay today. We did a lab, but the teacher told us exACTly what to do, so I couldn't make any terrible mistakes. I hope. So it was a semi-easy two periods. History was boring...I've got a quiz tomorrow. Hm. I guess I should study. Math was...math. Russian was Russian. English was so much fun...wait, no it wasn't. No one in my group read the stupid short story. They're so irresponsible! Well, the guys at least. There's one girl in my gorup who attempted to do some work, but sh didn't do a whole lot. I'm not really mad at any of em, just annoyed by their whole work ethic. I don't think they thought I was going to do a lot of the work, even though I DID end up doing most of the work. I mean, I drew most of the pictures, I outlines the story, and I have to type up the summaries for the pictures. Collectively, the rest of my group did maybe 4 pictures, and colored all the pictures, yeah. I'm nearly certain that my teacher knows I did most of the work though, I hope, so maybe I won't get a really crappy grade.

Anthoyn gave me yet ANOTHER penguin related item! YAY! It's a PIN...a cute one. Well, of course it's cute, it's a penguin, but anyway, isn't that nice? Ackerman's Music Center, the only place where I can get discounts regularly and PENGUIN things! :) I bought two books, a Christmas song book and a theory book. Tons of fun, yeah? Theory is a pain in the butt! But anyway, there should be a penguin currency...called the PENGUIN! Maybe. Okay, no.

I trimmed my mum's hair. She said it was a little uneven before...and so she wanted me to even it out. I mean, I cut it the first time, didn't that tell her anything? Eh well, I don't mind TOO much, hopefully I cut it better this time.


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