October 29, 2001

You know what's yummy? Scallion pancake!...it's chinese. It's good. It's like yum. Yumyumyum.

I love food.

Am I the only person who finds this not very cute? It's WEIRD! No, I will NOT buy it! And I will not give it a hug!

GOD dammit what is with this stupid crushlink thing! I said I didn't want em! GO AWAY! I'm not 18! and it's shows...terribly!

JESUS CHRIST, what is with all this arguing on the Sigur Ros mailing list? These people need to get a grip..and stop arguing...ARGH things like this make me lose faith in the human race. I think they're arguing about something this dude said about sound quality being really important in music blah blah well I don't give a crap. There will always be conflicting opinions about stuff and unless the agument is about whether 2+2=4, you're not gonna get anywhere...and I bet in some way 2+2 does NOT equal 4, but I'm not getting into that.

I don't know why I like this dude's livejournal...is it really that amusing? I would never go to fright fest. Halloween is not a holiday I like...nooo. Six Flags is a freaky place anyway...GIMME DISNEY! GARG DISNEY I know it's evil but I love it too much. But there is something I love at Six Flags that Disney cannyo reproduce...THE GREAT AMERICAN SCREAM MACHINE! HEART POUNDING FUN! And it really hurts!...*really!*...

Crush #1's email address contains:
4 freaky F's, 5 spooky S's, and 5 terrifying T's

Okay, can someone help me? This tells me nothing! This is so dumb! ffffsssss@ttttt. Yeah, I've got it. Just put me out of my misery.

GOD DAMMIT why don't people leave comments in my blog? Because I'm so unloooved? I know Cristen, Rebecca, Lea, and Stephoo sometimes leave stuff...but anyway. Who the hell are the rest of you? Some kind of weird stalking freakos with ONE TOO MANY ARMS?! I KNEW IT!...

I know that didn't make any sense, you'll have to excuse me...

Today I got DRUKQS...oo the excitement! And some other weird stuff. A sticker that said something about Aphex acid and some postcards which I'm not sure what I'll do with. I've listened to the first CD (there are TWO) and it's pretty weird. There is some melancholy twinkly piano stuff on it that I like but it's not really Aphex Twin sounding, yeah? And there's a scary song with a woman screaming and stuff...actually, it's weird. Yeaaah. I'll have to listen to the second CD.

You know what sucks? Football. What a dumb horrible sport! Gym is crap..CRAP I SAY!

I WANT MY B. FLEISCHMANN CD NOOOW! I'm being very demanding right now! Gimme!


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