October 10, 2001


...anyway. I didn't eat lunch today, so when I got home I ate a bunch of these individually wrapped Japanese cracker things. YUMMMY! Well, except for the weird "cheese" on the crackers, but yeah quite yummmmmyyyy.

I really don't think I did anything today. Hmmmmm. Mmm. MJMHHm. I have my first physics test tomorrow. Oh...god...and I had my speaking part of the Russian test today. That was easy. Woo! And I got a B on my math quiz...BEEEE! HAHA yay.

One of my friends said that Fran Healy didn't sing well. She didn't actually say his name, but ANYWAY, how could anyone say that? I think he sings considerably well, yessss? Clearly...and...nice and stuffff? Well, I dunno how the band is live, but REALLY.

...I'm cold. In gym we started lacross. Ehhh...I can't ever catch the ball. We don't use "real" lacross sticks, so I think they only work if you're REALLY good....foo.


a later note, Aliza is taping The Daily Beat for me RIGHT NOW...RUFUS! YAY! She had trouble finding the channel, so I used tvguide.com, which seems to be inaccurate a lot, and it WAS, it didn't even have the right show, but Rufus is on, yay! Too bad I'm not there, that would be sooo fun...:)


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