October 28, 2001

Well Juno and Explorer have been crashing a lot...welll then.

Ah, Sunday. I stayed home. My mum went to Pennsylvania so I've had the house to myself...I've been walkin around, eating apples, being full of apple saucy goodness. What a joy. As for homework, I did math and that's about it. I have a buttload of physics to do...I shall get to that sometime. Mm yeah. I took a nap. I love and hate naps. Cos I wake up and think it's 10 PM when it's only 7. Which is a little annoying.

I just downloaded a new Ben Folds song...oo...it's ok. I had totally forgotten that he released his own album. And I just saw a DVD for the Ben Folds Five taping of Sessions at West 54th...I WANT A BECK ONE! Ever Rufus would be nice. But I have that on video, I've never seen the one with Beck. Wah.

Oo, I magically got clear reception from ABC today. Oooo.

Uh...not much else to say. I wake up, eat something, do math homework, practice piano/guitar, take a nap, wake up, eat dinner, watch Toy Story on the TV, go on the internet, watch TV, and now I should do some homework. Yuck.


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