October 05, 2001

Wah! This dude on the Bjork mailing list went to the Travis concert the other day, and is going to see Bjork tonite! Look at what he wrote:


i went to radio city music hall last night to see travis (my favorite band). i thought i'd tell you guys what was up with the venue....

first, security. all i have to say is "what security?" i sat in the third row, and i only saw three security guards the whole night. and they didn't hassle anybody about anything, until after the show was over, i tried to walk up front to get a setlist, and one security guard told me i wasn't allowed. i just walked past him anyways.

second, seating. there were a bunch of empty seats all around, and a lot of people easily came up to sit near the front (which i'm going to try to do on friday, since i have row J)

third, cameras. oh my god. i've never seen so many cameras at a concert. i don't know if they checked for them at the door, but there was no hassle from the security guards at all. i wish i brought mine, especially since ben stiller was there, and sitting two rows behind me. i met him and it was great. hehe. :P

fourth, front row?. i had row DD, which i thought would be four rows back from the stage. unfortunately, there was a "pit" of other seats in front of row AA, so i was actually in like the 10th row. you needed special tickets to get up there. will this be the same for björk's show? or is this where the orchetra will sit? just thought i'd let you AA'ers know.

so, i'm def bringing a camera, not using a flash, of course, and i'm definitely trying to sneak up front. oh yeah, and sneak up front early, if you want to try, because they put up a gate at like the 16th row right before travis came on to keep the riff-raff out.

see you there!


I wrote him an e-mail to express my JEALOUSY...wouldn't you be too? Okay, maybe not. But yeah. TRAVIS. I can't find "Good Feeling" anywhere, and it's tearing me apart! It might be in my room but I thought I looked there. :P

Oh something AMAZING happened today. I was sitting in study hall, and this guy goes "Is that a Radiohead shirt?" while...pointing to my RADIOHEAD shirt, so I say "Yes" and he says something like "Oh, I love that band," which is pretty cool! I guess he wasn't super obsessed or anything, he didn't ask me if I went to any concerts over the summer...but yeah, wear a Radiohead shirt, it puts you into an elite club. Haha.

I ate a lot today. Ugh. YUM! Ughyum. I went to Edgewater, stopping at MITSUWA and buying a little Afrodog notebook and a pack of flashcards (they're really nice though, none of that American crap...really, all you can get are index cards or ugly..card....crap, really, American office supplies do not shine in the designer department). Muse is on the cover of Rockin On, with some scary pictures of Matt Belamy. I don't like Muse enough to buy the mag, although there is a pic of Beck in there too from Summersonic. But Matt Belamy is a little scary lookin, spiky red hair and all. I haven't even gotten the latest Muse album yet. Hmmhmhmh.

I have ot save my money, Kinokuniya got this book I wanted...it's part of a series of books about Studio Ghibli movies, and I want the one about Nausicaa and Laputa (the first book). I'd also like the second book, which is about My Neighbor Totoro and Graveyard of the Fireflies, but they're 40-something bucks each. SOOO I'll just get one. Oh yeah, Kinokuniya has the Beck Travelogue books now! That makes me a little mad, although it's actually the same price I paid...so...blah. I mean I waited a few months before I actually got it since I didn't realize it wasn't OUT yet. I think it was published in August? I could be wrong. But I read about it the year before. Hmmhfoo.

I've been searching for this journal I had...for about a YEAR. Well not a contant search of course, but just over the past year, I've been looking for it. I can't imagine where else it could be besides in my own ROOM, I don't even want to think about where it might be. Is it really that important? No, not really. But I wouldn't have minded perhaps losing a different journal. If you're wondering, I had 6 journals or so, although minus the one I can't find, 5 I guess. Sigh.

Um...yeah, so that's about it. Now I'm sitting here. Stuffed with stuff.


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