October 11, 2001

TRAlala..*what the hell does THAT mean*...

Loudon Wainwright (THE THIRD) was on Conan last night or something..ahh! I would have liked to see that. I saw him on the show before, but he wasn't interviewed, and this time he WAS interviewed for being on Undeclared and all, and he sang "Rufus is a Tit Man" which is...his song about Rufus (that Rufus "hates")...I've never heard it, maybe I should download it...

I have to go watch the stuff Aliza recorded for me...I watched a few seconds. The host of the show was saying it was the most people they've ever packed into their studio...yeah, Rufus attracts those large crowds, yeah? I know I would have loved to be there!

Today was the DREADED PHYSICS TEST! One of my classmates was shaking people's hands and going "Good luck," before class started, and let me tell you, that did absolutely NOTHING! I mean, I made some stupid mistakes, but anyway, I got a 26 out of 45, and that was actually the average. The highest was 32, so all of our grades will be curved to that so we dont all get Ds and Fs. I mean, it wasn't like the questions were impossible, but I kept worrying about the time, and in the end I barely had enough. :P

I don't care too much though. As long as everone fails with me, thats fine! :D

I got my audio dregs stuff today, YAY! SO HAPPY! My record player is being poop, I want to find an old cheap one that works. The problem with the one in my house now is that the needle is semi broken, so you can kind of play records but they might play the same thing over and over again or garg. But anyway, I very much like "Parking Lot Music" by E*vax! Its very simply and bloopy, but so am I...wait...okay, I don't know. But anyway, there was some other cute stuff in the package too, like some stickers and postcard-like-stuff. And the dude who runs the label (E*rock...e*rock? e*vax's bro) wrote a little note thanking me for my order (how nice!...although I think he spelled my name wrong, how hard could it BE FOR CHRIST'S SAKE) and drew a little picture of something. Hm. Interesting. I would like a record label just so I can write notes to people and draw pictures...OF PENGUINS!

Also, I got a nice little zine they put out called Thumb, there's an interview with a dude from Mum (which in Icelandic, I found out, is pronounced more like 'moom') in there and an interview with Mouse on Mars. But the whole thing is pretty interesting. The funniest part is the reviews, because the dude's mum has some comments in there about various music and it's funny because it's just very...simple. I mean, she doesn't know who she's listening to, or how 'good' it is, and she'll say something cute like "Oh this sounds very happy blah blah" and I like thing SIMPLIFIED because when stuff is NON-simple, I get brain overload and stuff gets squished around like JUICING ORANGES! The reviews for the music themselves are quite short, which I also like because I dont want to read a million paragraphs about something, I just want the GIST of it. GIST GOD DAMMIT!

Mmhmh. So. I went to Borders with my mum and I got not one, not two...wait, yes, two, TWO BOOKS. It'll probably take me a few years to get through em at the rate I'm goin, but anyway, I got "Fraud" by David Rakoff and "You Don't Know Me" by David Klass (two davids...I just noticed that). I was planning to get "Fraud" after seeing David Rakoff on Conan, funny dude! And I got the other book cos I saw it and it looked interesting. And there was a nice quote on the back by Louis Sacher talking about how he liked the book, and I love HIS books, so THEEERRRREEE!

Look at this page and tell me if you can tell what the cover art is. I mean, I know now but I had NO idea until I actually got the CD. It looks like rocks to me. But it's not. Well, you can guess, and then I will tell you!


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