October 23, 2001

Today sucked. It was like yesterday, except I had a physics quiz. Miraculously, I got half of it right. So maybe I'll get a B. How fuuun. I really tried to get the other half of the quiz and I was dumb. I was thisclose...okay maybe t h i s c l o s e to getting it. Ah, nevermind. Why the hell would I have to figure out when some dude stops up a hill cos the coefficient of friction is 0.2 or some crap? I don't know!

But I took a nap. So that was good. Thank god. I woke up all wobbly and like "huuh?" and then I cooked some pasta. PAH STAH. Yeah. I'm better now. I can't even imagine what I must be like in school....I mean, I don't remember. Well, I FEEL like dying...hm!

I had a weird dream. My friends Jen, Christina and Aliza were in it. And it was weird, although I don't really remember details. How exciting.

I scanned some crap for my history project. I MUST FINISH IT! Or at least a third of it. I have to make three brochure type things, one for New England, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies. Too much fun, yeah? Ugh.


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