October 27, 2001

This is...um...uh. Um...piggy! :D So cute. But not Bjork.

This is the first time I've been online all day...it's so late, it's tomorrow! Crap. To anyone who gets those Radiohead e-mails from Hollywood and Vine, did you think that they're...uh, weird? The Googly Minotaur dude, he's a strange one. Itching for more? We've got new live videos too. Grab yourself a po-boy and transport yourself back to old skool New Orleans...

Itchin? Yes, I am itchin, I'm burning with the itch of Radiohead herpes...

Anyway, wav files take something like a MILLION years to convert to mp3. Or Acid Music is just really slow. I'm just sitting here...after spending like 50 minutes converting the MD songs into...wav files...editing them a tad...and now converting them to mp3. This will be easier some day, yesss? Ah, I guess it's easy enough, with my limited knowledge...

And I got a new MD player/recorder today! Oo. I think my mum still wants to keep the old one though. But I don't know why really. Eh. Well. Hm. Anyway, this one is yellow and smaller than the other one I had...and it's pretty nifty I guess. In some ways it doesn't seem as nice as the older one, but it's more compact and it's, um, yellow. MD players don't come in a wide array of colors, I guess they're not popular enough. I mean, when I was in Japan in 1998, they had LOTS of MD players, nice smallish ones in all different designs and colors. And that was 3 years ago! Oh well, they're something like a decade ahead of us. I got mine at Circuit City, it was 200...something dollars? $250? It doesn't matter, cos it's *free*! And god knows I don't have $250...

And my mum got a DVD player. We still have some Sony points left. What shall we do with em? Hmmm. My mum and I went to Palisades Center, a BIG mall. Somewhat. We saw an IMAX movie about pandas, and the pandas were very cute, but the story was a bit weak. It was based on a true story though, which I guess was better than if it...wasn't? We ate at Legal Seafood and I had bluefish...and bluefish is some GOOD stuff. I've never had it before. MM. Also we ate some fried calamari, THAI style...um. Yeah. I like Thai food..and it was really good...and I ate a lot. I have to stop doing that. Note to self: Don't eat so much...

My computer almost died today. The input digital cable majiggy doesn't work with my computer, and I thought I'd have to reformat, but after taking the cable out of the USB port my computer worked. Weird? I don't know. But this computer is very annoying...sigh.

Mm anyway. Maybe I shouldn't have wasted so much time on Rufus...but wait...it's not wasting time, I'm just APPLYING MYSELF to making the world a better place blah blah jesus crap. I'm not even a giant Rufus fan am I? On this Rufus mailing list I think everyone is a bigger fan than I am. The quality of my recording sucks anyway, like they would wanna listen to it..*psshshshsfgyrgfgtbhsdf*...moof. The only friends I've ever made through an obsession were...the Wallflowers, and Beck. Well, that's alright. Bjork fans kind of scare me, and Rufus fans too, although in a differenct way...and Radiohead fans, no way, I think...um..actually, nevermind. Beck fans are really scary too. NO one is "normal*, not that I am, but jesus...I don't know.

I get bitter so easily...hm. I know why...maybe.

Okay, I have a question that might not be answered, but anyway, who send that Crushlink thing eons ago? I mean, what is that, some kind of stupid joke? Because those e-mails are gettin annoying, like I can get a hint if I sign up at some stupid site that I'm too YOUNG to sign up for anyway. This is so dumb, and if it's not a joke, then I can't possible know the person...personally...and then what does it matter? Yeah? Yeah.

I think the homecoming dance (I wrote homocoming at first...um...OKAAY) is tomorrow night, HAHA! My god, I guess I can't really understand why people would want to go. Okay, I can speculate, but to go to school any more than necessary is a no-no. And it's 7-11 PM? FOUR FREAKIN HOURS?! Jesus crap. First of all, it's nearly OCTOBER, we've been in school for a substantial amount of time and it's not really homecoming anymore, and I'd rather stay home...so I am! Yay! Hahahaheohkay. A girl asked me if I was going...she also said "Wow, your hair is so long" which is what will happen if you don't cute your hair for a while. Nah, I'm not making fun of her...she's a nice person; I've never be friend-friends with her but she's not annoying, so woo.

Man I haven't gotten my B. Fleischmann CD yet. It hasn't been SHIPPED yet! I mean, I'm assuming it exists somewhere or insound wouldn't have had it, but I ordered it something like 2 weeks ago, and I really want it. Mmwell.

Still converting wavs to mp3s...how long have I been doing this? They don't even soud that good. Eh well.


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