October 16, 2001

This is weird..."What Type of Asian Are You?" Apparently I am 33% Asian in Denial, 50% Banana/Coconut, and 33% Asian FOB. Um.

Asian in Denial

Usually grew up in a predominantly White neighbourhood. Pretends to be White. Does not acknowledge that they are Asian.
Personal Mantra: "I am White. I am White. I am White."
Buzzwords/ Phrases: "If they live here, they should speak the language." "My friends think I'm more White than they are."
Social Interactions: Will only hang out with White people. Avoids other Asians like the plague. May talk to other Asians in Denial, but will never be caught dead in a group of Asians.
Thoughts on Lucy Liu: "I think she sucks. I prefer Calista Flockheart."
Thoughts on ASIA'ZINE: None, as an Asian in Denial would never read this 'zine.

Hmmm. Yes, I do grow up in a predominantly White neighborhood. This is America, right? I am definitely aware that I'm Asian...mmkay. I don't say "I am white" but i dont say "I am chinese" either, eh? Strange!


Yellow/brown on the outside, white on the inside. Generally raised in a Western society, but has experienced the quirks of being raised Asian. Does not deny heritage.
Personal Mantra: "I used to wish I was White, but I'm mature and grown up now. I have the best of both worlds."
Buzzwords/ Phrases: "It's ok when I make (insert nationality here) jokes because I'm (insert nationality here)."
Social Interactions: Has friends who are Asian and friends who are not. However, is always aware of the racial dynamics of the group.
Thoughts on Lucy Liu: "I heard she's a bitch." OR "Way to go! Another Asian in mainstream media."
Thoughts on ASIA'ZINE: "I laughed my ass off."

I like the tern twinkie more. It sounds happier. Jesse called me a twinkie..HAHAH how I laughed. This site is pretty funny also. I'm reading this right now. I like fried rice! I don't ORDER it much but I like it. Actually, this doesn't seem very accurate in my opinion, I LOVE Japanese food (more than Chinese, yeah?) and find it completely different from Chinese food.

Asian FOB

Fresh Off the Boat. Usually spent formative years in an Asian society. Holds onto Asian values and attitudes. Limited influence by Western attitudes (except for shopping).
Personal Mantra: "Everything Asian is far superior to everything Western."
Buzzwords/ Phrases: "Are you (insert nationality here)?" "How come you don't speak (insert Asian language here)?"
Social Interactions: Friends are all Asian. Has a "stick-together" mentality. Will hang out with someone solely because they're Asian even if they don't really like them
Thoughts on Lucy Liu: "I secretly admire her, but publicly look down on her because she is not truly Asian."
Thoughts on ASIA'ZINE: "This is not true."

Um...hm. I think the personal mantra is funny, because I don't think Asian stuff in general is superior, but Japanese stuff is MUCH COOLER than American stuff. My mum and I talk about that a lot. WE'RE NOT JAPANESE AT ALL! Is something wrong with us? But really, Japanese stuff...definitely cooler. Where else can you get Pocari Sweat? And I don't speak Chinese, because I'm mentally retarded! My mum has let me off the hook and has given up on me learning Chinese, HOORAY!


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