October 18, 2001

This is weird!

Not mucy goin on. Real tired. I slept during lunch. Foosh. Not easy, it's kind of noisy in the cafeteria.

Got my insound stuff. YAY! Except for one CD coming later. But yeah. Plone stuff! And I won that Plone auction, so now I have to cough up some dough. HACK cough. And I need to bid on that record player i want...I bought an E*vax 7", I kind of forgot, part of the insound package. It sounds nice, amidst the weird pops and static noises and skipping from the currect record player. :)

And now I have...homework. Math. Cracking open the textbook for the first time all year. I got a B on my math quiz. It was below average, but heey thats okay. :)

Did an annoying lab in physics today. I didn't know what was going on. My lab partner Sandhya did most of the work I think. Well, she's smarter...but that's still not much of an excuse. I wish I was smarter! Foo! Well I did do some things, I weighed a block of wood...put some slotted weights on the thingo so the block of wood would (woodwould?) move. Oh boy. And then I think Sandhya is going to calculate the kinetic or static friction...or both? God, who gives a crap!

Bidding right now..wooeeoo...the aution lasts another 3 days or so, but...uh. Garg. Crap, 12 bucks wasn't enough. I'll bid on it in a few more days. I think at most I'll pay...20 bucks? I guess that's not a hell of a lot. Sigh. Maybe I can get some money from Anthony, if he makes me do crap with my digital camera.


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