October 14, 2001

There's been a spoofy array of quizzing since mello made one up..oo. quiiizzzeeesss. man this is sooosllooooowwwww...

*I'm sure that last sentence made no sense for most of you. just pretend i said "mm..cheese"*

I spent about an hour making an outline of what I plan on writing for tomorrow's in class essay about Death of a Salesman. The objective is to write how Arthur MIller uses symbols to portray a certain theme, and we got to choose one from three. I chose "references to winning/losing" and "references to success/failure" to represent how being successful and the pursuit of being success do not necessarily ensure happiness. That is one looonnng thesis statement. Ugh. And to think it took me an hour to plan the whole thing. I mean a school period is only 43 minutes, if the teacher didn't tell us the topics before hand i'd be screwed. That's pretty much what my teacher did last year except on a few occassions, and it makes sense...but foo.

Okay, off to take Karen's quiz...

Haha, I got a 70. How pathetic. I'm doing the worse. I don't know my friends, boohoo.

I think I have to stop listening to E*vax, cos now i'm thinking in bloops and bleeps and floops and twinkles and other strange distorted noises. My brain is turning to a mush pile of mud.

...coool. Who doesn't like mud?

Mmhm. M. Hm. Um. I took a nap. Haha. I laugh. Why am I laughing? Nevermind. *atchoo!*...me sneezed. :P

Okay, nearly no one knows what my pillow is made of I guess. I think I've mentioned my pillow before, no? It's an unconventional pillow. Heehee. That should be the real name. "Unconventional pillows ON SALE!" Actually, they probably wouldn't sell very well. It should say "Pillows for sale...COMES WITH FREE CAR!" and have a disclaimer that says "may not come with free car"...

Jesus, did I just write that? Maybe I should go to bed. Tomorrow, I'm OFF TO THE BOWELS OF HELL!


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