October 29, 2001

Thanks for putting up this nice site Robyn. It was super nice of you!

Well, as long as it was SUPER nice, then I guess that's okay...

Narg. Yes it's nice. I'm just not usually in a good mood...um...hmmm...yeah. Changes very fast. So. Right now I'm ok an okay mood, except I have to go to school, so...screw that, not in a good mood. At least with the daylight savings time the SUN is up when I get up, or usually it'd be pitch black outside...or near pitch black. Those "concert highs" don't last very long now do they? Sigh. I guess my Rufus concert experience was like nothing, it's almost as though it's not complete unless you MEET him or something, and I don't "meet" people, yeah? WooFAH.

Jesus crap there are too many e-mails on this Bjork mailing list....naarrrgg I should unsubscribe. Yupeedoo.

It's so freakin cold. Then again it will be colder. It's not freezing yet, just ALMOST. I need my heavy pants..PANTS WHERE ARE YOU...and a sweater...GARGOOO.



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