October 23, 2001

So...tired. I wake up. And my mum is up. Cos she stayed up all night. WHY?! That's crazy. I go *plop* to sleep. I can do that again. *plop*...

My head hurts. *yawn*.

Not much goin on. I attempted to do some physics homework and had NO idea how to do this one homework question I have left. Woo.

Japanese lessons are confusing. Yeeeup.

My brother got like a 1370 on my PSATs....okeee, I am 99% sure I didn't get above a 1300. I think. Well there's that 1%, but yeah, thats nuts. And on his SATs he got a 14-something. He said as long as I get above 1300 I'm okay...sheesh. That's like "Well, as long as you get an A in physics, you're okay..." I mean, jeez. Poop.

My math teacher was pretty funny today. He was very sarcastic. Nehehehe. But it's not really in a mean way, you have to be in his class to understand...he's pretty funny. Somewhat.

I'm sure you're all itchin to know what EQ is..well I'm just copying and pasting what ww.queendom.com says:

There is no arguing that classical IQ, as measured by most intelligence tests, is important in our personal, academic, and professional success. However, emotional intelligence matters as much as the classical IQ. One could almost say that emotional intelligence is a prerequisite for the proper development and actualization of our other intellectual abilities.

Simply put, we need to learn to recognize and label our feelings and needs, reconcile them with our long-term goals and with the needs and feelings of other people involved. And we need to cultivate the ability to identify ways of meeting our goals and needs and to soothe our own feelings. Then, we need to motivate ourselves and mobilize all our internal (energy, effort, discipline, perseverance, resilience) as well as external resources (building social networks through effective communication, social insight, empathy, reading other's emotions, setting boundaries).

My score was 60, HAHAHAHA I LAUGH oh boy that is so low. Oh well!


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