October 25, 2001


Okay, I'll just copy and paste what I posted to the "Raising the Rufus" (yes, BAD PUN) mailing list.


I finally saw Rufus! YES my life is now (nearly) complete...

Anyway. The John Harms Center in Englewood is a nice place, not too big or small. I went to the concert with my mum and my friend Cristen. We've been pretty excited to see Rufus AND Beth Orton (which was like a BONUS because Beth is great!), and also Meshell Ndegeocello played in the concert (whose music I've never heard before).

We had nice seats, row N, somewhat in the middle. I thought Rufus was going to play last because he seemed billed as the last act, but he was actually the first. YAY! I don't even know what the name of the first song he played is, but I really like it! Here's the setlist:

Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
Grey Gardens
Rebel Prince
April Fools
In A Graveyard
Moulin Rouge
Imaginary Love

First of all, I recorded the concert with my "old" MD player, which I miraculously managed to hook up to my computer , yay! I think the sound is ok...it sounds distant, but better than nothing! Here's a clip of the first song (which has some funky sounds cos I was messing with the microphone, eek), because I'm retarded and don't know what it is, maybe you can tell me:


Also, some info on that 11:11 song...I think that's how it would look. Rufus said it was a new song he hadn't played before and I guess it's a time..sooo..yup. It's a nice song, I'm glad I recorded it! I guess it's safe to say that you'll like it too. Click here to listen to the song (and perhaps me laughing like a retard, yuck):


I think later I'll make that into an mp3, yeah? :)

Rufus is so cool! I mean, that's implied, but he's...so funny! In his own way. And of course his performance was practically PERFECT. There was a point where his guitar all of a sudden got loud, and he suddenly had this suprised look on his face and stopped playing. It was funny!...er. Yeah! April Fools was funny too because he was talking about how Martha would usually sing back up on it, but since she wasn't there he wanted US to sing her part. So we somewhat sang along, although most of us like me were wussies and didn't want to sing. Well Rufus can carry the song by himself muuuch better.

So, did anyone else go to this show? I don't really have any Rufus related clothing, so I wore my Raising the Rufus pin. :) I saw two people with Poses t-shirts though.

Well, Rufus was only one third of the show. Meshell D played this one very long song as far as I know, it was kind of interesting but also kind of strange. I guess my attention span can't be held on one song that's something like 30 minutes long. Beth Orton was very good though, and she played my favorite song (Pass In Time)! I've seen her two times before opening for Beck and her songs are really beautiful, although more in a sad way in my opinion. Rufus is more happy I guess. :)

ISNT THAT FUUN?! RUFUS you are the cooolest! YA!

It took me a while to figure out how to hook up my MD player to the computer, but I AM VERY PROUD OF MYSELF, okaaay? Be happy for me! I disconnected the cord from my speakers, stuck on end into the microphone output, stuck the other end into the earphone hole on the MD player, hooked up another pair of speakers to my computer, and played the song while recording it...and then I'd unplug the cord from the computer and stick in earphones...there's probably an easier way to do this, but considering I somehow smushed all this crap together, I think it worked rather well. WOO! :D


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