October 15, 2001

PHYSICS AARGGGhhh...how annoying.

Anyway. Hmm. I was going to say stuff, but now I'm thinking about the cookies I want to eat.

School was boring. Wooow. In math we took a PSAT practice quiz but I didn't finish it. Eh well. PSATS...on SATURDAY! What fun!

Um. Um. Hm. I took a nap today, but it sucked cos my nose was all stuffy and it was kind of uncomfortable. And I burned my tongue eating chicken curry. What a poo.

My mum was telling me about these very dumb morning talk shows she watched. She doesn't normally watch TV, except videos and stuff, and she was completely amazed by those stupid court TV shows I think. And the Maury Povich show. Hehe. We discussed the stupidy of teenage girls and boys having sex and getting pregnant...WHYYYYY? Actually some of the guys are liek in their 20s and the girls are 15 or something, for christ's sake. Oh well. I'm glad I'm not that dumb. My mum wants to remind me to not to have a dumb boyfriend. Haha, okay mum, that's not much of a problem...

We also had a conversation about religion. She goes to bible study with her friends, but I think to her its more of a social thing cos she's not overly religious or anything, thank god. I mean, I'm not. I have friends who are aetheists, but none of them live here. I wonder if any of my friends think about their religion and think about what it means. Cos I would. I used to go to church but it was mainyl a social thing, and I thought it was kinda dumb. I'm not saying religion is dumb, but it just seems silly sometimes that so many people claim to be christian or catholic or something, but the way they act is obviously all wrong, I mean going to church doesn't make you a certain religion (well, it shouldn't, right?) so I woudl rather not talk about religion, unless its with my mum because we have the same views. No argument there. :)

Someone outbid me on the Plone thingy!...argh. Well later I will bid. Even though it's so cheap anyway. I'M THE BIGGER FAN I SWEAR!...okay, I don't know that for sure, but the world isn't exactly overflowing with Plone fans, and I MUST HAVE the single for "Press A Key" because it's so coool.


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