October 22, 2001


The second one is definitely much more to the point. But the first one has better singing.

Today sucked crap. I couldn't really concentrate in any of my classes...although I just don't undersatnd physics ANYWAY...still don't. Oh well. Even English was hard. We were put in groups of 4 and had to read this long thing written by a slave and I couldn't understand it, although I somewhat tried unlike the other people in my group. Uggghhh. THat period was a waste.

So all day I don't think I talked much...I was trying to get through the day and get home as sooon as possible. WOO yeah. Now I'm home. But I have to go to Japanese lessons tonite. Crap.

I know I really shouldn't complain about anything. But that doesn't stop me I guess. What is my complaint for the day...well, I'm getting dumber, and I hate it. I mean, it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't know, but I do now. Cannnooot connncennnttraaaaate. And people somewhat expect me to be not retarded, so I'm going nowhere.

I've had the song "Discoball World" by David Garza stuck in my head all day, and it was the most annoying...thing...everrrr. Okay, for today it was one of the most annoying things. Despite that, I'm listening to it right now. Oh well. I guess I'll get sick of it at some point.

..HOLY CRAP...wait...hm...okay, right now I'm listening to the song "Beats From the Bungalow" by Emperor Penguin and the guitar part sounds just like the guitar part in the "latin" remix of Mixed Bizness. It sounds exactly the same, I swear. Except in a different key. Anyone feel like confirming this? It was just really weird for a second. And of course, the only reason I'm listening to Emperor Penguin is cos they have the word PENGUIN in their name. PENGUIN! Well, I've listened to two of their songs, and I like both of them. It's just instrumental type stuff, not just electronic though, its like...um...stuff.

Rufus in TWO days. I will be happy on Wednesday...and Thursday morning. Until then...POOP. POOOooo! Math quiz and Russian test on Wednesday...and...yeah. I really hate school. I would almost bet my life on it that out of all the people in my school, I hate it the most. I don't think I have good coping skills. And apparently, my EQ is so low I'm practically retarded, although I'm not really sure what EQ is anyway.


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