October 09, 2001


All New York Area Rufus Fans--

Rufus will be performing for a taping of the Metro Channel's "The Daily Beat" live tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday, 10/10).

If you would like to attend the taping and check out a FREE live Rufus Wainwright performance...

Call the audience coordinator before 4pm Wednesday. Stephanie: 212-324-8518. You will not receive confirmation, but if you leave a message with your name you will be added to the list.

Then go to:
The New Yorker Hotel -- (ground floor entrance and you will be directed) 481 8th Ave (at 34th street) at 4:15pm



...sniff, oh well. Can anyone record this for me?

Jeez, I'm stupid, Thom's birthday was on October 7th. :P Oh well, I'm not keeping up with the times. Uh...HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOM! 33 years old. Nehe. When is Bjork's birthday? I can only remember Beck's and it took me a long time to get THAT right. July 7th? Or something like that?...

Would you find the news headling "Thom's birthday!"...news? Well, maybe you would. :D

I'm watching Gilmore Girls right now on my TV getting pretty crappy reception. Woo!

I want cooki. Make me happppyyyyy...COOOKIE! GARG!

This is a very sad post. What am I talking about? I went to the math team meeting after school today with Aliza. Hehe. Fun times are ahead. Ee..yeah. :P

Wow, I got an e-mail from my physics teacher. He doesn't sound NEARLY as scary in e-mail. Not that he's the devil, but this is physics class I'm talkin about. We wrote all our e-mail addresses on a piece of paper so he could send everyone in the class a graphing program. I guess that's nice, eh? I wrote down my address as webmaster@diskobox.net (I love being WEBMASTER HAHAHAHA I MASTER THE WEB) and I actually got it to work in Outlook! It's a miracle! Look at this e-mail:

Hi. got them typed in.. would like to check if addresses are ok before an hour's work.
reply me (((((( only if you get this!!!!))))))))))))) (LOL)


See, doesn't that seem so FRIENDLY and NICE and NOT evil? Haha.


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