October 16, 2001


This...ARGH my vocabulary is so small, I must make up words. MOOFYPOOPOOMILKSHAKE! I was juuuust about to upload what I would say was a rather nicely worded entry (but aren't they all?) when I pressed the backspace key and it made the browser go back one page (which happens a lot, will someone tell me why?) and when I went back to THIS page EVERYTHING WAS GONE FLUNG INTO THE DEPTHS of HYPERSPACE! Jesus CHRIST everything sucks, YOU DO TOOOOO...

..sorry. I'm okay now. You don't suck. Actually, with my day to day basis with the human race, I've decided that the majority of the popularion does suck, but as long as you're not one of those people that rates my site has "hate it" then you're alright. What did I ever do to you? NOTHING!

...I am definitely wasting too much time. Hm. Anyway. Today when I was at the library I saw a kid with a mullet. Not really strange, but for some reason it seemed weird at the time. I don't think hair enjoys being a mullet. Then again my hair is just a big floop...of hair. HOW DO YOU FEEEL, DEAD HAIR FOLICLES ON MY HEAD? ALRIGHT? I thought so.

I thought this was funny (taken from this site about a recent Bjork concert):

It was all beautiful, Her voice was 300% better than any of her cds, her AWFUL AWFUL GOD AWFUL dancing was the cutest thing i have ever seen. the strings need a tad more squeak cause they were muffeled.The only complaint besides that is that SHE CUT ALL HER FRIGGEN HAIR OFF!!! i hate it when women do that!..anyway since they didnt let us bring cameras i do the next best thang...i sketche her...this is kinda what she looked like , during the secound half at least.---god im tired, good night .

Of course, my favorite part was about the AWFUL AWFUL GOD AWFUL dancing. I would like to see that. But never, shall I...see...that. Shall. Do people use that word in normal conversation? Then again, I don't have normal conversations, unless I'm really tired. I really liked Bjork's hair. There was lots of it. Maybe she got sick of it, I know I would. I don't cut my hair because I'm lazy. Stupid reason, eh? It'll grow to my waist and I'll be like "Eh...nah, I'll let it grow just a tad more"...

Speaking of tired, I nearly fell asleep during physics. Apparently, so was the annoying dude next to me, who for once wasn't annoying because I think he was sleeping for a while...

Anyway. Bjork dancing, what is that like? LIKE THOM DANCING? I love Thom dancing! It's the spiritual rain dance!...I mean wiggle. Thom wigglin, yeah! A forgotten dance of th ancient tribe of THOM, now brought back to life in the new millennium. Isn't that wonderful? But he doesn't wear cool dresses like Bjork (thank god) and Bjork has got a very nice wardrobe. Like the picture that dude drew with the red dress, oo, SPARKLES (or are those red microscopic slides?)! Personally, I wouldn't wear sparkly things. Then again, I am not a sparkly person. I'm more of a mud person. Nope, I don't know what that means.

Nice shirt, Thom! Heehee. For wahtever reason, I think "farmer" when I see that shirt. FARMER THOM. Wasn't his grandpa a farmer? Or did my brain just spew that out for some reason?

Ah yes, my brain has run out of fuel for now. I just replenish my brain cells by eating BANANA NUT BREAD! It's nature's candy! Or was that raisins?


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