October 30, 2001

Moof. Haven't really done any homework yet...I want cake...I have no cake! Well, I'll live. I slept from 5 to 7:45. Oops. Well. My day will always be screwed up anyway, there's never enough time to sleep.

...mm, well nothing really happened today. I took a math contest after school...I got 3 out of 6. That is kind of not good, but eh, who cares. It's an activity...of the lowest kind. Sit for half an hour, eat a bookie, take a test. My mum doesn't want me eating cookies though...the math teachers give us cookies. Fuel for the mind...riiight...well it was the first thing I ate all day, yum.

I think I burnt my tongue. Well, I do that a lot.

Mm...um. My physics teacher wrote this:

aint it great to actually know something and can teach it?????

I wrote about how I taught Rebecca some physics stuff (somewhat)...naha! Yes it's kind of nice ot know stuff. Although I'd rather know...more stuff.

...my tongue still feels funky.

Who the hell wrote THIS in my guestbook:

Sent: 4.45 PM - 10/30

friday = panties



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