October 13, 2001

Juno just crashed on me. Nothing is reliable...I mean my computer crashed a few times today. What am I doing? Should I delete some programs? Gerg.

Hm anyway. I bid on this! I want the "Press A Key" single...I've got the other two things, but the more the merrier. :)

Man, why are CDs so much cheaper than LPs? I want to buy "Pop Loops for Breakfast" by B. Fleishmann and "Please Smile My Nose Bleed" by Mum on CD, but I could save $9 together if I bought both of the LP version. This shouldn't be a very hard desicion since the record player is still in poop condition, but with $9 I could buy...NINE COOKIES! ...okay, I'll buy the CDs. Minus the nine cookies. :(

Actually, I won't buy the Mum album. Maybe I will later. I've already got one of their albums, and it's not stuffed with remixes. I'm not very interested in remixes...Sigur Ros has a remix album too, and I'm not really interested in buying that. I guess if I found $20 lying around I wouldn't mind buying it though.

Crap, I can't remember whether or not I registered at insound...I thought I did....alrightee, I didn't.

OKAY now I've registered. So much fuuun. Spending the grand total of $34.92. If you ever buy anything at insound, use my code roboppy and you should get 10% off your order. And I get the 10%. Nehheheh! I'm not a greedy evil person, just...semi greedy. Not very evil.


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