October 28, 2001

Jesus crap, I spent my whole night making this...is that a little pathetic? First of all, that flash thing was the first flash majiggy I ever made, so keep that in mind. As for everything else, just uploading 30+ megs on my dial up connection is a bit time consuming, yeah? Someone out there betttteerrr like Rufus.

I was watching In and Out on NBC, funny movie! Kevin Kline is funny. He is very likeable, yeah? Heh.

Uh. Anyway. My brain feels so mushy right now (as usual) but yeah. Does it seem like I write a lot of stuff here? I remember Rebecca saying something like when school started, we wouldn't update our sites as much, but I kind of still am despite school work (which I still haven't started) and what does that say about me? I dunno. There are so many things you will never know...*nehehehehe*...


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