October 08, 2001

It's so cold today! ...okay, not really FREEZING but I had gym outside first period, and my hands felt like...actually, I couldn't feel them, so scratch that.

Oh yes, I had school today! I've never had COlumbus Day off, but I guess lots of people do? Oh well, it's not much of a holiday. The postal service decides to take the day off though...wah! A dude from audiodregs e-mailed me to say he would be sending my stuff out today, but then I remembered "HEY THE POST OFFICE IS CLOSED TODAY!...*you liiie!*..." Hehe. Oh well, I am forgiving, yay!


Why did I get so much homework this week? I have a crappy history assignment where I have to write something about Ben Franklin and his role in the Revolutionary War and something else.

I'm listening to Rufus Wainwright singing "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" fromthe Zoolander soundtrack, and I didn't remember this being in the movie, but I think it was!...okay, I could still be wrong, but it sounded remotely familiar. I should have been able to recognize his voice! I mean, I recognized Jakob Dylan's...hmmhmFOOG.

AHHH I can't upload this mp3 to diskobox.net! WHY! NO! Wait, maybe it's just that ONE mp3....sigh. Really, if I can't upload these things, I'm gonna kiiiiilll!...or maybe I won't. Probably not.

I've got another fun filled Japanese lesson today. I've remember like, 3 of the words I learned last week. OHAYOGOZAIMASU!

You know what is a fun word to say? Ïîêà! (If that doesn't look right, then the Russian characters just won't work..argh) That is pronounced pah-KAH. PAHKAAAH! PAHKAAH! Oh yeah, and it means "so long" like goodbye in a sense, but when Aliza and i say it, it sounds more like some horrible swear word. Or crows cawing. PAHKAAAH! Now you're learning Russian! Nehehehehe.

HOLY CRAP my ftp program just went nutso! Great, it sucking...and I liked it so much yesterday. SUCK IT, COFFEECUP! YOU POOPOO!

I sound kind of hostile today, eh? I'm quite at peace...yeaaah....mmeemem...I bought some cookies today. They make me SOOO HAAAPPPPPYYYY...:D

Thanks, Corrie, for your advice on CHMOOOOOD (I have to add the Os, I can't help it) although Ikonboard doesnt seem to ..WORK...so I guess it's just not compatible with my server. Unlesss....REBBIE, HELP MEEEE! You're the smart one! :)


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