October 18, 2001

I'm watching Just Shoot Me right now, and Amy Sedaris is on it as...Finch's soul mate? She is weird! She's been on Conan a few times, always funny, just somewhat strange, but anyway...cool.

Haven't done much homework today. mm. I haven't done physics in a few days, thats bad. Errr...I'll try and do some, even though it's pretty much POINTLESS, right?

I got the new issue of Adbusters, oo. My mum bought it for me. Oo. So I owe her $42. Eek. I'll have nearly no money left in my checking account...I'll have to transfer more moolah from my savings. My savings account is dwindling now, sigh. I never really spent any of it for the first...I dunno, 13 years of my life, and I saved up more than $2000, but my mum took something like $1400 for investments. Wah. I'm not going ot see the money from these investments anytime soon. Technically I can just take the money out, but the point is to let the MONEY GROW which isn't very helpful at the moment. Sigh. When I'm 100 years old, I guess I'll see what grew. Wooohooo.

I don't think I'll ever eat fast food again. I haven't for a while. But..gah! So many issues with the fast food industry. Like Disney. Maybe. "Fast Food Nation" is a really good book, READ IT!


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