October 10, 2001

I'm up.

So tired.


I went to bed laaate yesterdaym doing physics. I spent like 40-something minutes on 4 problems but only got one right, what a waste of time. So I went to bed sometime after 1 AM. Want...sleep.

I asked my mum abou the Rufus thing (hey, I have to give it a shot) and she's pretty tired and stressed out, so I guess I don't mind just staying home. Poor mummy. She has to get up to drive me to school and she has to pick me up. Nehehehe. It must be really annoying to have kids. I guess that at least I will be seeing Rufus in 2 WEEKS so I'll just....wait.

I saw Beck yesterday on Access Hollywood since they had some video footage of the Vanity Fair photo shoot...they didn't really MENTION Beck (seems like they mentioned everyone else on the cover but him!) but it was cool to see Beck. Looks the same, yeah? Aw.

Oo, Sigur Ros pictures. Preeeettttyyyyy!


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