October 13, 2001

I'm still in my pjs!

Oh well. I've been sitting at my computer for like 3 hours. Hm.

There's a cool song called "Dripsody" by Hugh Le Cain and the whole song is only made of the sound of a drop of water...dropping. Of course it's been messed around with but it's really cool. It was made in 1955. Think about it, I mean...um...that was a long time ago (okay, the Roman Empire was a long time ago, but you know what I mean).

Look at the fruits of my labor...another page! Oo. THe excitment is brewing, I can feel it.

Oo, I very much love this e*vax album. YAAY SOOO HAPPYYYY!

...okay, that's it. Go back to making me cookies.


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