October 12, 2001

I'm bidding on this...well, somewhat. It's another 3 days, so I don't feel like bidding on it anymore. Maybe I'll bid on...something else!

I checked my average in physics on thsi sheet of paper the teacher put up outside the classroom, and it says that I have an A. Most likely a very LOW A, but man that is so messed up. I guess I could squeak into the A range, but you know, that's going to hell.

I'm thirsty! Hmmm. I haven't drank much today. Perhaps I should? Liquids...they're important! Water! WATAAAHHHRRR! I went to Mistuwa today. Got cookies and stuff. YAY!

Did anyone else's school make them say the pledge of allegiance at 2 PM EST today? Cos...I did. I mean I guess that's okay, yeah? But yesterday was the one month point of the WTC madoodah. Something else weird today was that when I walked into school I noticed that ever locker had a lollipop tied to the handle with a ribbon. Yes, it's a nice gesture...I think the TNT group (Teens Need Teens, like a peer counseling type thing) put them there. But they must have known how many morons go to my school, because of course most of the lollipops were stolen by other kids, like mine and the surrounding lockers...and a bunch of others. I mean, when I was walking to gym I saw one girl holding 3 lollipops saying something like "Just take them, who cares!" and really, I wouldn't even think about just taking a bunch of em. I mean, it must have taken a pretty long time to tie them to ALL the lockers, and all those lollipops must cost a bit of dough. I don't eat lollipops, but I would have given it to a friend, yeah? So people in my school don't have common sense, or a lot of them don't.



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