October 14, 2001

I am so sophisticated.

In case you don't see my comment, I wrote:

What is there to comment about? I just don't wanna get my butt kicked waving around a Corporate American Flag when apparently America means more than fast food and television.
Robyn Lee, Franklin Lakes

Ah yes, the educated words of an educated mind. Haha. At this very moment I wouldn't want to wave the corporate flag, but later I would. The country is still semi-recovering, isn't it? Let people think for a little longer before declaring how crappy America is, right? Sigh.

Add your own comment. I like Adbusters. As the dude at 1001journals best describes it, "the only magazine i read cover to cover." I try that, except I don't understand like...um, half of it. And the issues come out like 6 times a year. Which is not a lot. I think every time I go to the bookstore it's the same issue...of course it has to change at some point, but maybe I'm stuck in a parallel universe in which Adbusters (and Giant Robot, another bi-monthly magazine I love) never have new issues coming out. I'll try reading the next issue and understanding it better...aren't I supposed to get smarter with age? Smoof.

Today I got Vanity Fair...I didn't see it at Borders or at Whole Foods, but i go to Stop and Shop and there are lots of issues. Hmmm. So ANYWAY, Beck happiness! Beck, you are too hip. Ha. Hip is a dumb word actually. He made a list of the 50 best album covers and he put Homogenic first, too cool. Bjork ruules. Other than that, the magazine was a poop. I mean really, they declare 375 pages on the cover, but more than half of it is ads. The magazine reeks of scary perfume (it's all scary) and half naked people selling designer clothing. I noticed that the more pretigious the clothing line, the uglier the people seem to get. ...mm..okay, not really. Who am I to judge people's looks? I just find it strange. I never like clothing advertisements.

Man why am I posting so much craaap today? Lack of brain activity? Or...not?

The goal is to provide methods for people to interact and share their creativity. If you ask a kindergarten class how many of them are artists, they'll all raise their hands. Ask the same question of 6th graders, and maybe one third will respond. Ask high school grads, and few will admit to it.

You know, that is true. I used to think I was an artist. Of course, that all changed when I realized I was a plumber at heart and was destined to become master of the uncloggage of pipes great and small...


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