October 06, 2001

Holy crap! I just hear the beginning of Bachelorette on the telly! It was a commercial for NOVA...man. I guess the beginning of the song is cooool yeah, all like majestic and STUFF. Hmmm. But man that was so cool!

Anyway. I bought diskobox.net, although it doesn't seem to be workin yet. Foo? It was $242.40 or something...for a year, that is. Wee! I want to move in there. I'm keeping carbon monoxide HERE but yeah, I'll have another site too I guess.

Poooter, my mum and dad were arguing during lunch. My dad is so annoying! God I can't stand him. He's going back to Taiwan on the 10th I think, so...woo, that'll be nice for me and my mum. I must sound horrible, eh? But they were arguing in English, I kind of wish they weren't cos then I wouldn't have known what they were saying. I'm glad I don't know Chinese!

Anyway. That's all for now.


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