October 31, 2001


...woo. I don't like Halloween that much. First of all I don't think anyone came to my house. So I've got 30-something Kit Kats. I can give them to the holiday festival commitee I guess. I ate ONE. I think it's too annoying to walk to my house from the road, so maybe people are just very laaazzy. Yeah, whatever, more candy for me!

I just noticed the opening song for "Ed" changed...no more FOO Fighters? Eh.

Some people in school dressed up. My favorite though was this dude who dressed up like Jay (and this other guy dressed up like Silent Bob) in my history class, it was so funny! I mean, I had no idea who he was supposed to be at first but then he told the class and it was like "..OHHH!" He wore a really long blond hair wig...I mean, there isn't anything incredibly defining about Jay besides the hair, right? And a hat. Well...

A few people people had Bob Marley hats and fake long blakc hair in braids (or maybe it was just ont hat with a bunch of people wearing it) which was...weird...especially the one dude blasting a stereo everywhere he went.

I had a very nice math quiz today. HA. I left something like 4 of the questions blank which kind of guarantees a C...I don't think I got a D, but eh. Whatever. It was on LOGS, I mean how much more useless can that get? If I ever really needed up use log majiggys...well...I can't think of anything like that right now...

In English we watched "The Tell Tale Heart" and that was just weird. It was an old black and white movie based on the Edgar Allen Poe story and it was pretty messed up. It was very creepy feeling and in the end the main dude is goin nuts...he kills this old dude, chops him up a bit, buries him underneath the floor boards, and...yeah, fun like nothin else! I too enjoy killing old men and shoving them underneath the floor in my spare time...

I had a donut this morning. I know I shouldn't have...ARGH NOW I'M GONNA DIIIE! EVIL DOOOONUT (doesn't that remind you of the Simpsons?) argh! In special education, the class (including the student tutors, woo) got to eat a special donut breakfast or something, and I wasn't up to saying something like "I'm allergic to donuts" so I ate one, and it didn't taste bad, but it felt bad, yeah? I REALLY don't understand why anyone would eat donnuts for breakfast. Does anyone even think about this? I mean, eating cake is better than eating donuts. And you wouldn't eat cake for breakfast! I think. Well...okay, maybe you would. Actually, lots of "breakfast" food is terrible for you, and I'm not sure who invented the traditional breakfast meal but it sucks crap. Just eat a...banana! ISN'T THAT ENOUGH? GOD DAMMIIIIT THE BANANAS!


Oh anyway, that breakfast wasn't just a breakfast. Some of the kids did...stuff. I don't know WHY but it was weird. Two people sang that Unkle Kracker song, another kid sang an NSync song, a dude danced to a Footloose song, another kid danced to Destiny's Child, and this other kid danced/acted a part of that Charlie Brown musical. It was weird! I mean I wouldn't even make fun of these kids, but it was...strange to watch. I guess it's nice that they enjoyed performing in front of us though.


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