October 27, 2001


Today I went to Jen's house...played some Rufus songs and stuff....played some guitar....probably crapped up her computer...oh what fun. I woke up at 2 PM. Oops. Went to bed at 4 or so.

Winamp won't work. Or won't play stuff. Ugh.

Man I'm tired. Hm. Anyway...these mailing lists are so annoying, no matter what artist it's for. I think the nicest peopel are Rufus fans but even they are annoying too. I just hate it when peopel argue about something that is just between them, and they post them to everyone on the list. Why do they do that? I mean they know there are at least 100 people on these lists...people's stupidity just annoys me sometimes.

Cat food commercial is on..pet food is weird in my opinion. I mean, i fi had a pet, I wouldn't give them pet food. I'd make them food. Doesn't that make sense? I wouldn't have a pet, but some people regard their pets are their CHILDREN or something, and you wouldn't give your kids meat from a can every day. At least....I wouldn't. Not that I woudl have kids either. Yeaah, this whole thing was dumb.

I'm cold..and tired! Not hungry though, what a plus.

Diana got a livejournal...oo. AND YES DIANA I'M READING IT! Lots of people have liejournals...I guess they're pretty convenient. I like my blog though.

Mm. Mfmmf. M. I dunno what else to talk about. I'm tired. I want to go to sleep. Nooow.


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