October 06, 2001

Gerg, trying to set up my site, and I'm already confused. I think I'll download something other than WS FTP and...other stuff. I designed my index page, so there's one thing down. This is what it looks like so far. Yay.

God crappit, trying to download the Coffee Cup software, and all of the software in one zip file is 32.6 MB. I'm screwed. I mean...it's definitely possible to download a file this big, but I can't even use Getright (tried it, didn't work, ugh) so I dunno. I asked my bro to try but he went to the page and it said I already downloaded them. LIES! If everything goes well, it should take another 2 and a half hours or so. Please, computer, don't crash...

Really, if my computer went kaput right before it was done, I'd freak. I can buy a CD of the programs for $12. :P Jesus, I don't even HAVE $12. I spent my allowance already. How ridiculous. I'm bad with money. How do people buy anything? My $25 bought me a drink, a notepad, notecards, two magazines and this HTML pamplet thing. Is all that worth $25?...I guess. :P

Listening to "I Started a Joke" by the Wallflowers. It's a nice song I guess. Doesn't sound very Wallflowers-ee. Semi-Wallflowers-ee. I like the Wallflowers. :)

Saw "Don't Say A Word" and it was okay. Not realla must-see, but I guess it's worth seeing, yeah? In between.

Haven't done any homework today. Oops. What have I been doing? I haven't even been up for 12 hours. Foogle.


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