October 08, 2001


*you know, I really have to stop swearing. Even in my own Robyn-brand of swearing*

I downaloded the nearly 30 meg file of the Pagan Poetry video, and IT DOESNT WORK cos I'm missing some kind of component-thing. I'll buy the DVD, so I guess it's alright, but grrrr...

I downloaded a video clip of "Across the Universe" from the John Lennon Tribute and I thought Rufus sang really well! I like him singing it...yay! I mean I like the original song too. It sounds easy to play and sing. MmhmhmhmHmh.

Japanese class was...innnteresting? Learned some stuff. Woo!...um.

God crappit, it's nearly 10 and I still have homework. I have to do my stupid English crap dookie mook moog. DONNE-MOI LA MOOG, VITE VITE!

*translation: Give me the Moog, quick quick!*

That is a very rought translation. Yeeeaaaah. Anyway. Go here and listen to some of those HEELAAARREEEOOUUUSSS sound clips. Ya gotta love Gir! (Gir is the dog-thing at the top o the page)...BAABBBIIIEE!


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