October 25, 2001

Foof. It's Thuurrsday...so tomorrow is Friday. So I can sleep tomorrow night. How exciting!

Eh. Well school kind of sucked. During physics I had totally forgotten about Rufus...how? Well, we were doing a lab and I guess I was really CONCENTRATIN'! Uh. Gug. For the lab we had to set up a 37 degree incline with a wooden plank and using a ticker timer thingy measure a bunch of stuff about a wooden container with a beanbag sliding down the plank. What fun. My partner left during the second period to go ona fieldtrip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but I somehow managed to do the lab alright. She's smarter than meee...hehe...but this lab wasn't TOO too hard. This girl in my class actually thought I was "good" at physics...she was talking about how chem was easier and how hard physics was. "Robyn, you know this physics stuff right?" And I was like, nooo noooo, I don't know anything. And I said chemistry was easier...because it was. I think. I mean, I think this girl gets pretty good grades in physics...

...don't you hate it when smart people talk about how they're not smart or having trouble or SOMETHING in that sense? Aliza does that a lot, and it's really annoying. Then again, what am I gonna say? Well...nothing. She always talks about "failing" precalculus, but it doesn't make me feel very good about MYself, cos I get more worse grades than she does. And I never really complain, I mean you either know something or you don't, right? I'm assuming that logs and that kind of crap won't be very important later in life, so I don't see the point of going nuts over it. I would swear that every day in class aliza says something in the sense of "I'm going to FAIL, I don't know anything!" Well why do you keep gettin As? But good news, I actually got a grade NOT below average on the quiz we took yesterday...I got an 88. That was the average. That's kind of a high average. Oh well, could be worse.

I've thought about this before, but I really don't find grades a very accurate portrayal of one's...ablility to apply themselves...um...okay, I can't think of the right word. Intellectually? I mean...I dunno. I feel like I care the least out of all my friends about grades. So something is wrong with me, or with them. Then again, that last paragraph wasn't a very good example of that. Well...um. Mmh. Nevermind.

I got my Plone CD today! I'm so dumb though, I read the description of the thing wrong...I thought I was bidding on a CD and two singles but ANYWAY, it was just the CD. I dont' really care though cos it was $4.75 and...well, it looks a little different from the Plone CD I have now since it's a promo, but yeah. I left nice feedback for the seller though, although I don't know if I would have if he didn't write feedback for me. I can get feedback just for buying stuff? I find that a little strange...like what, am I a recommended buyer? Sellers cant exactly be choosy, hehe. It seems to be more useful for posting negative things, but anyway.

I might be getting a new MD player...for free that is, I wouldn't even BUY one. My mum accummulated something like 5 billion Sony points with her credit card over the past DECADE or something, so we can get a DVD player and a MD player I think? Which means the one I have now might be up for grabs, but it doesn't record, so I don't know why anyoen would want it. I wouldn't want to sell it for less than $100, but that's still kind of a lot of money in my opinion...

I had something else to say...but I forget. Hm. OH well.


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