October 09, 2001

An EVEN JOHANSEN SONG was on Roswell! His album wasn't mentioned at the end of the show, but wow! They played a smippit of "Where Happiness LIves"...what does this mean? I've heard Radiohead and Beck in Roswell before too...hm. Oh well. Yay, Even rules!

I'm so bummed out about the free Rufus thing. I mean I can beg my mum, but maybe I shouldn't. Siiigh. I don't mind being out for a few hours, screw school work, this is RUFUS we're talkin about. I wish he wasn't even doing a free performance, cos then I'd feel better. This guy actually wrote to the list that's he's kind of broke and can't see any Rufus concerts cos HE SAW BJORK! For christ's sake, IS THAT NOT ENOUGH! SCREWWW IT! Bjork! GARG! But anyway. I'm not in his shoes, so maybe I shouldn't say anything.

Rufus. :(

Across the Universe is very easy to play on guitar...play guitar, it's fun. Woo!

Crap, it's almost 11. I have physics homework. ARGH. I didn't understand like half of my math homework, peachy, eh? :(


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