October 27, 2001

Does this constitute as a hint:


Here is your hint:
- Crush #1's domain 2 vowels
1 consonant
0 numbers
0 other characters

Well, groove my butt, that's a barrel of info right there! I don't even understand the hint. 2 vowels? 1 consonant?

Ah yes I forgot to write my incredibly good list of stuff to not do while recording a concert:

1) Don't talk.
2) Don't breathe.
3) Don't move.
4) Don't clap.
5) Don't laugh (that might be like "don't talk")
6) ...

...okay that's it. And then you might get a semi decent but "muddy" recording. Mmhmhmh.

Go to beck.com and watch the latest movie clip...what is goin on? I haven't the slightest idea. But beck, he's too cool for words. Heehee.

I got my pictures developed!...ALL CRAP! Wait...mm..well. Hehe. Sorry Cristen, I guess I should have told you not to zoom (if you did) but it may nothave made much of a difference anyway, it's just a bluuur...a Rufus colored blur! And the other pictures I took or various crap from the summer were okay I guess. Er. Yeah. I took a picture of the license plate of a car I was behind of in NYC that was from Germany. I mean, I'VE never seen a car from another country just driiiving around. It was a really spiffy lookin expensive car too. German cars...they look fast. I took the picture cos we were going at about .01 mph...mm yes, the joys of driving in NYC! I also took some pictures of the marquee (is that the right word?) of Radio City cos I knew I wasn't going to see any shows there and I wanted the BJORK thing. I have three pictures of it, perhaps a tad too much. AH well.


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