October 20, 2001

BOO PSATs were annoying. What was that naturalism crap about?! Ugh. Anyway. Yeah, I don't think I did very well on that. I remember leaving 8 blank for the verbal section, maybe one blank for math, and...god, I dunno how many for the writing section. Two maybe? Oh well. If I do worse than last year, that'll be preeettty bad...my mum has semi-high expectations from me. "It's not very good if you do bette than 85%, you have to do better" and blah blah. It isn't phenomenal, but could be worse!

But anyway. Aliza slept over last night. Today we watched The Princess Bride which was a weird funny movie. :)

I took a 4 hour nap...yikes!

Now I'm watching the benefit concert from Madison Square Garden (I think)..."HI! I'M JOHN CUSACK!"...whoa, that was kind of loud, hehe. It's on PBS, oo. And VH1 I suppose.

And that was my day. Oh wait...I ate DINNER. Cooked some angel hair pasta. It was good. Yeah. Woo it's digesting...


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