October 17, 2001

Bjork was on Reverb tonite...not that it matters to me, being HBO-less, but hopefully someone (named Cristen) taped it. I tried to watch a clip but it's not working for me. Wah. At least she'll be on Jay Leno, I can WATCH that from my HOUSE.

I'm watching "The Amazing Race" right now...its...weird. I'm very uncompetative I think, and these people are kind of...not uncompetative. Yeeeah. That makes sense.

I ended up getting a B on that physics quiz. I guess I got some partial credit. I did something DUMB, forgetting the negative sign because the velocity was pointed down. Vectors are not fun. I didn't do any physics homework today...yeah, I have to do that. Ugh. I just remembered that when I was taking the quiz, Mr. Schmidlin took a glance at what I was writing, patted me on the shoulder, and then...left me? I think that was a "Boy, are YOU screwed" kind of pat. The thing is, during quizzes he'll help you do the problems. He actually wrote a bunch of stuff on my paper which helped me get a bit of extra credit, but then I still didn't get it anyway. Ah hm.

My math quiz today was NOT fun. I didn't do 2 problems I think, so at most I can get a B is I get EVERYTHING else right, which you know, I didn't. Hmmmhmh.

You know what I hate? Lacrosse...what a boooring game. I've said that before, haven't I? I mean I suck so much at it, I dont' even play, I just walk around...kind of. I actually caught it the one time it was passed tome, but during practice I never catch it. So no one really feels like passing it to me, and well, blah, GOOD FOR THEM!

...holy crap, right now in the show they're driving these really spiffy Italian cars. I don't even like cars, but that silver car is so cool...whoaaa....coool...oo, I'm glad that team is number one. There's this other team and they're kind of annoying...they're number 2...okaaay this is pointless.

..anyway. I stayed after school for Holiday Festival decorating...WOOha. Fun. The Holiday Festival is a thing my school does ever year around Christmas where you pair up with someone and atke around a grade schooler around for a period or so...2 periods? I forget. And you do activities and stuff. The theme this year is Cartoon Network, but of course, NO SPACE GHOST! We make giant cardboard cut outs of certain characters, and I'm like "Can I do Space Ghost?" and the girls who organize the stuff are like "Huh?" so...yeah. I guess that isn't really something grade schoolers watch anyway, so Aliza and I drew a picture of Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory. But we drew it too small the first time so we had to erase it and do it again. Hm.

I took a 2 hour nap. Didn't mean to...I woke up at 7:45 really confused. That happens a lot, I'll wake up and not know what day it is. I thought it was 9 o clock, thank god it wasn't. I did some math homework that I didn't understand very well. I think it was on exponents, and I hardly remember that crap! Ugh!


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