October 07, 2001


I'm trying to install ikonboard on my site, but it's not working. I can't run the installer...and I upload all those stupid files! okay, that didn't take very long, but still! Can anyone help me? I'm pretty must positive that I uploaded everything correctly...my brain hurts.

Physics is killing me! I still have homework. The teacher probably won't collect it tomorrow, but I want to finish it. I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE TENSION FO A ROPE ON SOME DUDE CLIMBING A MOUNTAIN! I really don't!

...one nice thing, I really like CoffeeCup Direct FTP 5.0. I LOVE IT! Wait...no...just like. Very nice program. Like lightening! Woosh!

*lightning doesn't go woosh, does it?*

Okay, lemme try to go to my ikonboard installer...ARGH foiled again. Error, my butt! BUTTMONKEY!

...actually, maybe I just don't have Perl 5.004. Uh. I should check that. Let's see, I have a handy dandy Perl checker...okay, how do I use this? Hmmdeedum...ARGH NOW IT SAYS ACCESS DENIED! Neveermind this crap. What is a CHMOD value? I think I put in the right one. Hm, great.

I think I'll cook my dinner now. My parents went out to eat. Frozen pasta, heeere I coooome!


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