October 14, 2001

Ah crap, juno crashed on me as i was writing...crap. Yes, it's all crap, isn't it? ISN'T IT? ANSWER MEE!

*okay DON'T answer me. Reverse psychology works, right? then again I just told you my evil intentions, so maybe not. oh...crap.*

No one likes to leave comments anymore. Sad that doth make me feel...(I don't know what doth means)...but anyway.

Can someone explain to me what this site is about? I'm confused. I haven't really looked around it so that might explain my confusion. Oops. Reading is for wussies. JUST LIKE HANDLES! HANDLES ARE FOR WUSSIES!

(you wouldn't understand that if you weren't Cristen, I think, if you want to be filled in, the origins of this phrase come from MARKET BASKET, the fun neighborhood gourmet grocery shop. I was holding a shopping basket, but opted not to use the handles. instead I held it with my two arms *two, not three like you may be thinking* and declared that HANDLES ARE FOR WUSSIES!)

Nice story isnt it. Where was I. Oh yes, I enjoy reading sometimes. We were talking about things we enjoyed, right?

Hm this site must be cool cos stephoo seems to enjoy it. I WILL TOO! Lookie, if you send her your love, she will give you her soul. Sounds like a GOOD DEAL!

mm stilll confused well I will understand later.


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