September 23, 2001

What's the point of this site? Hm well it entertained me for a bit, hehe...

Well I went to the fair with Cristen and it was prettttty sad, but yeah well, that's what fairs are like! We went on this ride, it was realllly funny, it was like a ride simulating going into space, and it costed $4, and it was very sad. But funny. I don't know what was happening, I was just making noises. There were space ships on this screen, it was like from the 70s or something.

So after walking around a bit we crossed the street and went to the Hallmark store and Market Basket. My god, there were tons of teeeenagers just hanging out around there. I don't mind teenagers if there aren't a whole PACK of them. But there was a PACK. Gerg.

So anyway. Cristen and I watched Momento and Princess Mononoke. Momento was a good movie, kind of weird since it went backwards (well, kind of) and it ended pretty abruptly, but it was interesting, yeah. The main dude has no short term memory so he can't remember...stuff. I mean, after a certain accident, he couldn't remember anything, he could remember everything before that pretty much. Princess Mononoke is cool too. I wish all of Hayao Miyazaki's movies could be translated to English...well they all kind of are I think, but fooooof. I want to see Nausicaa, and there was a version released in English a long time ago but apparently it sucked real bad. So maybe they'll redo that. Or I could just buy the one in Japanese and get something out of that, I know they sell it at Kinokuniya. I mean I've done that before and while I'm sure I missed a lot of stuff by not understanding the movie,! I think the alternative of learning Japanese would take too long. I remember there is this really good movie called Graveyard of the Fireflies, and it was really sad. I haven't watched it ages, maybe I should watch that...

Uh...hello! I'd like to say that I don't eat weird food. Some people seem to cringe at the thought of eating eel or whatever, but this is completely stupid, eel isn't even strange. Okay, not all of you, but not just eel, other stuff too. I don't get my food at weird places, I just might eat different food than you, but what's the big deal? So I like organic stuff and don't like dairy stuff too much (exclude that one pizza for now, hehe) so does that make me really repulsive just because I've done a little research on the kind of food that produced in America? So just a note for the future, don't question the food I eat and certainly don't criticize it. I don't think I make fun of people or criticize them, and if I do you can bring that to my attention.

Yeah, why do lots of people have to criticize others and point out their faults? I think about that sometimes, because I don't really "get" it. I...nevermind.

I had a really good cookie today. It was from Whole Foods. It would seem that it'd be a lot easier to make food out of few ingredients that aren't artificial and crap, but of course most stuff isn't made that way. It's too expensive, let's make tons of articifial crap and make America the center of really bad food! Of course not everyone just cares about money, but if you're like my dad then you'll never have anything of quality and you'll never do anything worthwhile when all you can obsess about is money. That's a reason why I dislike my dad so much, everything revolves around money, and it's his whole family. Okay, I'm part of the family, but I'm talking about his dad and mum and his brothers.

They must have had a terrible childhood, my grandpa is about the most unpleasant person you'll ever meet. ... ... ..almost. Because if you met him you wouldn't really know what he's like, same with my dad. And then I don't even know Chinese. When I think about it there must be so much I don't know from conversations I don't understand and stuff. I'd never want to learn Chinese or Taiwanese, besides they're really hard languages and I'd never want to know what the other people in my family talk about. It's all stupid. Sometimes my mum tells me what they're talking about, and it's the most ridiculous stuff.

Well everything I just wrote about now means nothing, what a waste of time...I'm just sitting here anyway.


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