September 25, 2001

This site is weird.

I thought this was funny, although maybe it's not.

E*vax make terribly cutesy electronic music. Reminds me of fluffy clouds. No wait...fluffly cute bunnies riding on fluffy cute clouds. My god, shoot me.

Taken from an interview with E*vax:

I never had an SK-1, but my brother did. I was definitely jealous. I remember getting a birthday gift from my parents one year that came in a sk-1 sized box, I was pretty excited but it turned out to be an electric toothbrush.

That sounds very sad, although I thought it was funny. It is funny. HAHAHAHA I laugh. I think an SK-1 is this little casio sampler thing that isn't made anymore, but it's little and simple and does some cool stuff. Screw the electric toothbrush.

Someone just messaged me on AIM and asked if I lived in Texas., I don't, for anyone that's wondering.



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