September 26, 2001

This is from the bjork mailing's a description of her new music video, Pagan Poetry, and it sounds absolutely freaky! Or weird.

The video starts up with a black background crossed by blur drops of a white-ish fluid (any guesses?). Then the screen turns white, and there are thin black lines. It's like these lines are suggesting some kind of shape, and they move as the image they would be suggesting turns sharper and later blur again. At some point we can guess we're watching her mouth singing, some other times it's her head we can see... But nothing is clear. (At some point I would have sworn I was watching five seconds of a penetration shot of a porn film, but I can't be sure)

Then we get a clear close-up, which somehow gave me the feeling of an amateur video, of her mouth covered with her mane while she sings. There is wind and her hair blows, and then back to the blur white images... Until we get another clear shot of her head. This time she's lying (on some white-ish cushons, I think) and she's singing, but it was very clear to me that there was some action going on further down on her body. I've only seen the video twice, but I think that in this part it looks like something (or someone?) is repeatedly pushing her (still, as I said, I can't be 100% sure).

Now back to the blurring white images, but now they get clearer and we see pearls threaded in string going through parts of her body. The most shocking part is when we see these pearls going through her nipple (or a least a nipple). The video is quite daring up to this point, but it is towards the end of the song, after she has said "pagan poetry" for the second time, when the best part starts.

Black background. There she is: a shot quite similar to the one at the beginning of Hidden Place, but this time she has many of these pearl strings around her shoulders. Her hair is blowing as she sings and screams, and you can see she's really feeling it (like she does in the Play Dead video). Sometimes she flails her arms and we see her breast. When the "I love him" part starts, on-screen Björk does not sing at all, but she looks down in a very shy posse and looks like she's going to cry. She does say the last "I love him", and now the look on her face is somewhere between joy, courage, and madness, and she sings the "this time..." part. During this sequence I just described we get two full-body shots, and she's wearing a very long plastic-like transparent-silverish skirt with all these pearl strings around.

Towards the very end, we see how two surgical needles go through someone's flesh as it is being held by some sort of surgical instrument. And the last shot of the video is another white blur image which gets sharper, and it turns to be her naked back pierced with six rings which hold another pearl string.

I have described it as accurately as I can. Yet I don't know if the video has been discussed here lately, as I've been to New York and haven't really paid much attention to the list. I would love to know it there are already versions of the video in the Internet, or if a dvd-single has been scheduled. This clip is amazing. And she looks very beautiful. Stunning.

Hmmmm...interesting? I want to see it. The description sounds too strange.

Did anyone watch Undeclared last night? I thought it was a pretty funny show. In some ways it reminded me of Freaks and Geeks (same creator, if I remember correctly) but Freaks and Geeks was probably better. But anyway, this show is okay too. And of course one of the coolest things is that the main character has a poster of MUTATIONS on the wall. That's BECK for those of you who don't know. COOL! I would like a poster for Mutations. That main character (who's name completely escapes me right now) is so terribly dorky, it's sad, but hey, Beck is cool. he? What does the poster signify? AHH! And Rufus's dad (Loudon Wainwright...oo) plays one messed up father on the show. Like...yeah. He's funny though.

Man today I walked around in wet shoes and socks all day. I have gym first...and it didn't rain, so we were out on the field which is incredibly wet ANYWAY, so my pants got wet and my shoes got soaked, and my feet were freezing for the rest of the day. But I guess I should know to bring in a separate pair of shoes and socks. I'll do that next week. :)

Today we had a memorial assembly for September 11th. I guess it was nice, although kind of depressing cos I just GOT OVER ALL THAT STUFF and then there was a slide show of all these pictures that were pretty tragic. My mum and I were planning to go to NY tomorrow, but she changed her mind. She wanted to see the memorial in Union Square, but she said it was taken I mean, it hasn't been THAT long really. Oh well. I guess it'll be nice to just stay home and sleep and eat yummy stuff.

Today'd Libido song I had stuck in my head all day was "Crash Out"...eekeer!

Oh yeah, I finally decided on the domain name thunderpeel. Dot something. Someone registered! dot net is slill unclaimed I think. What other thingies can you have after the dot? maybe I'll just pick a really weird one. I decided on thunderpeel because it means absolutely nothing, at least in my mind it doesn't. I mean, it's the name of a beck song, but other than that, it's just like two dissimilar words mushed together, right? What the heck is a thunderpeel? I dunno. Well gimme some suggestions...what goes after the dot? :)


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