September 16, 2001

Sundays suck.

But not as much as mondays. FOO.

So I've got lots of homework I COULD do but I really don't want to. Duh.

I had a really weird dream last night. For the first time I can ever remember, I shouted in my sleep. I mean, I was shouting in my dream, and then I actually shouted and it woke me up. It was like 7:30 AM...yeesh. In this dream...I think I went into the future...yeah, probably the future...or I was in some other place. For ever day I spent in that place, 8 years passed, that doesn't even make sense. First I remember walking around with some friends (Simone and Carol...where did they come from?) in a grassy field and there were lots of trees too. I also went swimming in this man made lake and waterfall, it was really there was this other weird thing, this person was after me. I don't think they wanted to kill me but I was really afraid of this person, and he (or she?) could morph into any other person, so I didn't know who the person was. I found out the person was posing as this lady that I thought was my friend, and when she showed her real face I ran like hell...and Cristen was there too (that was weird) and we were in a train station maybe? There were lots of stairs and we ran like nuts, but the person was right behind us. And Cristen managed to hide herself in the ceiling or something and I was standing there and we tried to distract the person that was after us, and I shouted HELP and then I woke up. Weird, no?

The other dream I had was really messed up as well...not AS messed up. Hmmmhmhmh.

Go here! More people need to get click!

*Yawn*...maybe I should go back to sleep.


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